Sunday, August 18, 2019

8 site that will help in getting traffic.

Getting traffic is the best tools that will give your site a good traffic, getting traffic is the most hard level in blogging simply because no traffic no earning,this is also applicable to many online stores.

Many people out there have dropped blogging because of the problem of getting more  traffic and Adsense,and others who manage to get Adsense dropped because of traffic, but am not going to talk about Adsense if you really need Adsense check this .
Before I start am going to notify you that all that I had putted here is not a rich quick tips but it depends on your hard works and maybe money for some who are using the upgraded version.

The first site that I will drop now allow you to sign-up and add your site and others in your dashboard and wait to see the miracle in a day or may two then go to your site stats and your traffic source.

 this one is real because it was giving to me by an Indian what I am bringing out is that it happens that the Indian understand google more than any one does. 
Click the link now and come back for the rest comment if you discover any difficulties.

The second one in getting more traffic ask for your business mail not yahoo or G mail but a mail like this [email protected] ([email protected])
You don't have? Then get it here at # or #zohomail any one will do.

Make sure you go for it now before coming back for the rest,have you?, if you had that the site is available at
Do it now then come back for the rest.
The third one make your social media post to be common so people can reach you.

your store and your site but make sure your post must be something for your site or store and therefore enabling the link to your site. 
# this will access all your social media accounts like Pinterest, facebook pages or groups, twitter and even LinkedIn profile,make sure you use it well you will start a 7 days free trial for you to know how it works go for it now and make sure you finish all tips before coming back for the next one.

this will make it neatly and best no curiosity, curiosity will affect it. 
The fourth one is a messenger bot from Mark Zuckerberg ceo of facebook it takes permission to access your facebook pages and runs you ads automatically but at your doing the messenger bot also reply automatically to any visitors or your pages thereby bringing you more traffic. 
Now run,finish it the next one is awaiting you.

The fifth one had the logo of the #mobilemonkey but work differ this allows you to connect your store or website you can send emails to your contacts in this ongoing tip this one also access your social media accounts you send mails and direct people to your site and store go for it at 
# it direct traffic to your store and site through you social account.

The sixth one is somehow awesome it even get you paid,it specialist in driving back old visitors 
Through mails  and subscriptions If the old visitors click the notification you'll be paid for that.

# helps you get old visitors back to you new or old post in your site and store. 
The seventh one is very purpolar and have been around for years and only word press blogger can use is #

Go for it if you are a wpblogger.
The eighth and the last one only allowed images so if your site has one the click the link and set up your account #

So thank you for visiting me,once again This is not rich quick tips but through this you can make more earnings. 
Comment below for any difficulties I will get in touch with you within 25 hours now go on and make your site viral.
You may message me on any [email protected][email protected] Or 

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