Monday, July 8, 2019

How to discover winner in #bbn

Come check the winner here.
the winner must possess some qualities here.
Discovering winner  among the housemate can be the most serious thing but this is simple.
Here am giving you some tips on how to find the winner especially in this year game.
The number one thing to find a winner is he/she is always the talk of every housemate and the audience find smile in him,he must be with a special character.
Am telling you that if you want to know the winner even at the start of it and using this tips you'll surely discover him among them but the first thing you must do is to discover each person qualities after finding this go on discover some special qualities.
*qualities of a winner.
unique speech:what I mean in this place was that in every word he speak most can be clinged on and little with doubt but this uniqueness can't bring him up if he didn't posses the other.
Game filled mind:this is the common way to overcome because most of their days there have always been games,so been a gamer can make contestants overcome.
language:your speech,language and even dialect can bring him up ,in 2017 bbn you can see Efe as the winner but let me tell you this is because of his speech everyone there speaks In English but he chooses pidgin this helped him much.
state/tribe/city:All of you'll will want to ask what is that doing with the contestants but let me tell you it does,in my researches I discovered that the east part of Nigeria had show more love to bbn than any other so in this only the most watch tribe will surely brings their child up a contestant with little or no audience can win the game but am not here to discourage the other tribe contestants,the way they can overcome is to create a way,a uniqueness that'll make people listen you.
if one of the housemate posses this then look to him as the winner.
Now find your winner.

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