Friday, June 28, 2019

Starting a business with no money.

How I start a business with no money.
Starting a business without money is one of the most easiest thing ever knew but still most
People always ask,is this possible?, and yes I answered it is,but how?.
Starting a money business is sometimes hard and easy in some places, I ll journey back with you in my start.
I had been a teen boy without no sponsorer but me only but something make my way and it is I want to share with you.
Phone make my way through internet which teaches me many things,I start a business with my phone and this is how I start:
I have tried to make something out of nothing but the only thing I used then is my phone,my talent and myself.
I ll let you to know this before proceeding, starting a business without money demand three things
*your talent.
*And your phone.
Like me I ve used only my phone to generate more than I can remember.
For example I use payhip to share my product like ebooks, music and pictures album then I shared the link viral by the uses of Facebook,Twitter,nairaland and many others,as  a starter you have to lower your prices and keep on promoting  I assure you that before you know what you're doing you've earn big then you may now enlarge your business and even building a place for your works
if you're not interested with payhip then use fiverr,use shopify and if you think you had had enough then use amazon your business ll go viral with you in your place and if you're still doubtful about this thing check my former post in their you ll find a gate way to payhip and fiver where your life ll be change.
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