Monday, April 1, 2019

Once in this my teen,
There comes to be a passion
With a lass of another teen
Two to three to the mention,
Our love started with a begin
But of no first approach,
This may be a good origin
Because in that our start,is the love we coach.
This night of long chatting at night,
The time I feel her to be always my seen,
And my hand one to the pillow, the phone to my right.
But now where has he been,
Our love happened not to be a long one.
Just four months, that isn't a long run.
My male friends are the end one,
Where is the love perphap,gone
But fate may claim me a liar
If it happen to be my one,
She is the fifteen, I the seventeen.
Possibly we may be the lover.
Yes,this is about my love teen.

when I wake up early I a morn
With my heart on,in a happiness born,
Then my heart call like an horn
Heart to heart formed a complete one.

I'll exhibit the character which is the rule
For the hate blacklist me then I blacklist you
For there is a divine
Which call for love with all cool.

Ours is like a shadow
Which falls everywhere like a meadow
But the sun has given us a window
To skip hate the escape the shadow.

One way to good live
Is to make love my wife
Then,everysoul must be to me like a wife
Then ll escape out the suffering of unending next life.

If our call to glory in the next life is fate
Then it ll go on with us the hate
And the upcoming next life ll be no sweeter than cake
And the bit love we ve ll be rake.

Grant love is the great way to enjoy.
Peasant and noble ll be feel with joy
Good brain brings good toys
For the babies they beam with joy.

Don't let the passion be a guest
Let grasp it with all our chest
So that at end we rest
Then we'll know that,the love is the best.

Heart to heart is not all to guess
Our love brings the tight,no else
Our fate diI PRAY.
Perhaps I kill,the dead begin to be my chaser
what did I gain?you offended me I pay you
What is the gain?

Have thing you ll go along with
Then the earth ll shift
All kill is all In it beat
But the master is shift for to sit
The love, then the rest.

With naught in this world we comb
Mercy from God mercy for people
Through also from the womb
When ll stay one, then we are apple.

Your life is my life
When I claims it am a dead also
Because our is like a knife
It hilt spoil,it blade is no more also
Me and you are one life.

The door to good life
Is opened by three keys
Hope,faith and love which means a name
And a prayer for them
But of all love is my claim
And to the contradict farewell I shall wave.
To the tunes,wonder what love shall brings.
Then roll up to the goal like ball
In it happy shadow different tune shall rings.
Every new coak shall bleach
And every future ll stop
But the love ll always be where hand can reach.
Because love always is happiness gear.
That door is a fire and brimstone
Because I heard a home that love rules.
If with love we can shift a mountain
And change the tune of a thunder
We can fall and dry the sea
Change the moving of a fountain
This unity we brings up atop
Then at the new home we shall laugh louder.

A sequel is forever with my word,
Because this religion ll be a best for me
No need of that so called sword
Because love is a best for me.

If others believes is unsatisfying
A religion ll raise
And it above flying.
In my nature,jugde it in that case.

If others can't help a country
Mine ll,and good to the people.
Because to love is more than a bounty,
Which gives helping hand to cripple.

My peter is to fish for love.
And fish still my boat stop
And to continue still the pause day of curve,
There I know I shall be among who top.

our love in everyday life
Is a feeling no one can knife,
A love forever is a fountain,
And those who are lost in it are in detain

The one I Iove followed with a cabin,
A family ve a great deal In a year
When love is the ignition and gear.
At a tiny mistake we should aplead,
And growing up with, we'll lead.
It a song for whom is a head,
The love makes a broom and wouldn't bend.
I blacklist the hate I grasp the love.
I strengthen my and destroy the curve,
Love ve a book
The joy,happiness it can book.
I ve a friend, I've a enemy
This ll not end and that ll be my enemy.

A Griffin gave a story which I ll told,
He knows of a love,which has no definition
He spread a story song all with a mentioned,
Which my brain holds.
That a peace to say,you know of a nation
Which love rules and it a sustaination
This love brings justice for the owner.
A gryphon brings us a wine which we must drink.
One cup for centum friend is a solve,
When we give up the ghost is the land we sink.
Many a feelings ll dissolve
But a love is a mountain which never sink,
When mastering the gryphon love,
I the putter think perhaps I can be in that link.

Many love and one love is me.
Though sometimes I behold
Am in a lake of love and sea
But I fail,I feel no bold
To count the love from the start of moon I see,
But I haven't catch stress gold.

Though "am a loved by GOD."
But something draw me to believe in it.
Just to be a Jedidiah is not a sword
Is this I believed,give me a new beat,
If you ve a great love for me oh Lord
Allow me to be a wine and a sweet
I know am a Jedidiah as I've been told.

I want a happiness if truly is this love,
I know of a light and I ve pas through dark
Lift me from the darkness as this is a solve,
Go in me with love and give me no lack,
I've been told of your glory
And I ll pour out this story.

Tips from many says
Is a grip to this,it knows for many days,
Every religion is a good except a kill
And one whom has the spell of ill
And one who know not the great hill.

Our GOD is a GOD of many a people
All of a religion is not the best

Except one that exclude kill and the rest.
That,who didn't deny freedom for the rest
Who give cripple a helping hand
And whom his religion a stand.

That good religion don't fight with sword,
Except to dry out bad world,
All the religion will be throw into the sea.
And the false one ll be no a see,
But a love ll rule the Lea.

I know one gorgeous and lovely girl,
Who share no sense and ve no friend
I always walk by to know who she is,
When sitting alone with all seriousness,
She has no companion.

I believed everyone loves is mind
She never in in hearing uttered a lie
She knows the definition of all word,
She is alike an angel
I ll be happy to know more about this lass
Yes with all seriousness.

I never pretend to love her,
I never think to ignore her,
She is the saying of all people,
Her name never leave their lips,
And her sound never leave their throat
I did know I catch her affection.

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