Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Who ll make me feel one reason?
When I looked into all this,the norms.
In all this religion who owns the freedom.
Who ll make me at least feel one thought?
This all is tormenting me like venom,
There is purgatory, there is hell
Then what is the real capture?

When I browse into some written
Which taught reincarnation and changing the next living,
Then how could hell be possible?
Or purgations take action ?
With all this norms and chapters
Who is serving the father
And the son who told about the father
Mention no hell or purgatory,
Nor did he thanked about reearth
To change behavior.
So who is the real fool in among the religion?

Who can on earth make me
To neutralize my thought,
Every day by day many go on with the worship,
In the name of the great son new souls are brought,
Yet who is the real ship?.

There is one God whom I knew
History gone fasten his name
His power and creativity all know
Who has a son,whom has a aim,
The mean bringing all back to the king
With no wound, injury or harm.

that is all I know
Yes In this worshipping
Which one is serving the father
And which one tell all truth
About him and the way
Many needs helper, who is the real?
What is the norm?.

If hell,purgatory and re-earth
Is the distinct believe of many
Then I ll ve my own religion
Which may bring me to the realm,
When it ll really function
After leaving this farm.

Love,the law the son had given as divine
In the heart we ll be refine
Because if purge and hell
Is thinking that ll be mine
Except lord helping,still the bell ll ring
I won't get a thing.

I ll be the preacher of my own belief
I know the father himself is the love
So if I imitate him I'll be relieve
And my journey to the end won't rough.
About the hell and purge
Let wait a day still all ll be revelate
But still the day,let continue the love.

A ripe grape still made the touge strange
But that believing isn't a strange,
Religion is something but not everything
We can be a believer but yet note a thing
Angels has power more than our
They can sing with no mouth in many hour,
But still they use their mouth to sing
And their tongue to ring.

Physical and spiritual made a bar
Also there is something that made us
Your knowledge and all what you're.

Religion  ve a stay,all,then an answer,
God do e everything, he can but he needs our power
And all which make us human,
Religion is good but believers yet,
That makes a wound and the wound we felt,
Religions gives many a wing
But half wing,and bad song they sing,
Religion need our power which we must ring.

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