Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Life based poems

Life based poems.
I believe life is on the unicorn
But only for those that cab ride it,
There are obstructions,there are torn
But good skills it take for dodging it
And life and life is all it may be
To ride on the hills and hay
Then fight a giant maybe,
To overcome all sort and name it may
But who can atleast reach the Beach,
Nor crossing it.
But I know determination is the sword
And self believing is the reins.
I believe a unicorn can't say a word
Talk less of asking who you all is
I  know all soul is deal with some sort,
Yes all ve a model to follow
But who in this hour is his sort?
Our race to the island is allow
And we can all destroy the giant
Not using arrow or bow
Not the darkness we should be the light.

A bound to this world is meet for the bounders,
There are battle there are peace
Those mean ve been a good before
Circumstance give there mean birth
A limper to the free is all our
Then think about the future.

Our life is running away to its end
Our meditation on this world unend
Still the rigid power unbend
And to the free we bound with all power
Who is the real tryee that ll win the hour
Get my saying, this should be our.

All beginning back to the sand
It fasten with a sound
The wail,the cry which are all bad.
Let the real bounders take over the gear
And let the bad shephard not to continue to rear
Perhaps life may be a good to us the seer.

We are like Worms
And some as the eater.
The eater provide for them
And struggle not to make them angry
In spite of the goodness they disturb him
That is what we know about them.

In the stomach of the provider
We rubble and cry for food

He notice that and then start a search for food,
He see harmful things but wouldn't eat
But still we rubble still he feed up
And decided to give us little
Instead of the abundance he is looking for,
Then we continue to complain still he is angry
And decided to flush us out with the dose
We climb up to his neck which affect him.

All human do this no one left.
But GOD a good he is a nice one
My prayer he should not angry with us.

All about me is like a real to is speech
Because happenings is some written
As well as my hand can reach
Then friend's is putting.

Spends comes as the order of the day
Which made the owner be in charge
Freely he walks in the hay
And demands prestige from all age.

This incident happened in the of the written
In a home dwell by my friend
Where his granny and brother are living ,
Maybe with no end.

A fight raise which the blame  I don't know,
But the friend cannot be the blame,
He fight with a rich sister servant I know
Then, the rich sister takes up and get a claim.

Disputes all the curses and abuses she gave him.
The family still that friend
Just because she was their only aim
My friend cry,then promise to shine.

In my very looking by the brother he was lick
And was the put up he raise an Axe,
In his anger ready to Axe my friend kick
People shout he then return the Axe.

He that brother open word to me and middle her rich hubby.
Then I understand, for that brother I understand.
Then I moved with pity
As he put up his word to me where I stand.

There my friend vow to catch is aim
And with cries he remember them about tomorrow.
Then I moved and and start a dream
Or to escape him in every narrow.

So life is all abuse for the unrich
In everyday I get some things to preach.

life is like a wife to me
Whom unto her I commit all my power
My glorious harmony is with her
Then she made a ladder and sent her way off
With all my prestige she is off
And with all wares she is no more.

With pain I look up to her
For I know I shall ve a battle of hell
To bring her back again
And impossible for me to break the ladder,
Lest she fall what would I gain?
And all my wares will be of then.

Then I must climb to her.
No rush but gently with determination
I can't go through life without no control of  her.
I must search through with meditation
All life to men,it how it Be,
And times on the way there is number of bee.

I answer for hope in line
For I want in the next,sing a song and shine.
With my gratitude to the inventor fine
And among the  best I should be a wine
Who to crown is maybe me or I.

Oh look there are many fire
Worrying to ambush my desire,
Let these,those fire lay upon there own wire,
Hurt theirselve and attack who they hire.

I lay with hope just to be a god
And be happy when am old.
Let this plotters bow to my like in cold,
And  then in passion collect them their hold.

My pillar,many are your word,
And many is your power that come to the word,
I want a game in your name and forget the sword.
Hope in lay,just for a hope,don't let me fall,
If it long in dead I ll fall.

Clash in for certain, not to be a losser.
For our time on goes with other
My maternal a day to me told
Our money is for different sold.

Awake to a great door of sense
For I ll ve to think about that hence
T'wixt our cowrie is a different spend
For all we know will a day end.

Cowrie for eating,for cloth and building.
Is all the spend which the head in to us gave,
In spite of this
We give one to two and two to three in ending.

Our spend to eat we reach it for clothing
And for the clad we gave it for building
My maternal give this all through me,
To the dedication I think I need more from thee.

At birth,I know no colour
Not of the blood or or the nurse.
I think the world is dark with no colour
Then my life move on, with it rush it moves on.
I sit or sleep on something, I suck something.

Then at ten,I reason with all this darkness,
When I was lead to pee,to ease and to bath
Then I realize there was an helper
For everybody in this dark earth
Who aid in all dance.

But when I was good to meet with friends
(For I heard them speaking in our compound).
They are no good how can they neglect this dark.
I tried to go to them but I trippled with no end.
They laugh me then I know I am unique.

How on earth could this happen,life is a worst.
There is no hope me,for I know to the dead.
I shall no feel a taste to the light.

Life ve leave a fresh whip mark on me
Sweetness ve skip in this teen journey.
I skip my sweetness and what is the cause if it all.
Please lord answer me in this hall.
Clear the way for my out come souls.
And let me free from now.

Life ve claim many hardness on me
With the whip many a times I cried
All for the motion jump me
My adventure is for no song,yes,I read.

Sweetness skipped from my teen start
Lord give me a new great alert.
I ve much to write about, am I a being?
Lord skip the sorrow over me.

The land is dry for me
Wet it Master with happiness
I still ve many tales to tell
Lift me up from this thorn.

My action what can it leads to ?
You know the game and you known it start.
Free me from all this guilt
Help my family, help me too.

Bring me up the latest
And don't let me feel less,
You know all I ve been passing through.
That backwardness clean it.
You see the scar of the wound on me.

You see me in this prison
Don't hesitate to help me
In this suffering I know nothing about.
The one I heard you know
That one by my grandmum.

For how long ll you be looking at me?
Restore my happiness through your help
It is you I pray to
Lord cease away my backwardness.

Every man has a song to say,
Two to three we put them in a lay,
Then I peep,what it can be in this way.
The terrace of think age in the day
Of all our energical pray.
Which day ll be our happiness play.

The wealth to come is just for a song
Unheard,it inwardly and sometime not,but how long,
Which day can we keep all this song?

I know that all the wares of a man
Is a grasp in their hands which they are not learn,
All our joy,happiness lay on our barn,
And that we haven't strength in what we can learn.
Only the maker gives blessings to his fan.

Day by day our candle is deducing
No added time, our creator gives us a reasoning,
To help the country, with our work which is the food.
All work except theft are good.

To start a thing is an ugly duckling
To end is a real joy.
Leaning is fast,learner is slow.
Ungive up the bowl and go
I once saw an ugly duckling
I once saw it beauty joy.
The bowl to beauty is in the rain
Filling little and gently,
All grasp of something mildly slow,
When the harmony, passion,continue it grow.
Once start ugly, then rather blow,. I
I put the cherry as a wit
It grow sourly and then fit.
Gradually gradually the duckling becomes a swan.
All grasp of it,widest than farm
Little by bit grow stronger than charm.

I lived there among trees
Flying to the tree other,with my sleeves,
I come out of an egg,
Gradually grow and tap with my leg,
I shook up my wing and jump to fly,
And in far I take the world so high,
Awaiting prey and calling to play,
I on me never gave up a lay,
I burnt my prey joyly like a flame
In other flies like me am the best,
Up to one branches to the older I rest,
But there is something which brothered my ruling,
That one eagle is a disturbing,
I a predator today, a prey tomorrow,
In certain that I ve no lives in borrow
I flee at his sight and hide in a branch,
He go over me and as quick as flash,
I understand there is no best in life,
Be a knife,you ll be scared of one knife.

turning the windmill stand by stare,
God,better and best, just
For this bar,the bar that comes through bar,
Bad and worst that all the meaning are,
Worse to bad, good better then best,.
That all the beginning, end of lot.

The windmill turn gently,
Changing the life style everyday,
Turning,turn to best get a note,
The best for some worsen for some,
Then they turn changing the both.

Happy with a chance, laugh for nobody.
Because a  time ll come for both
The mill to turn,turn for both body,
There are birth there are death,
Birth comes first in all thing death follow
As your behavior ll be your judge
In the next journey, so as is your judge
Is your behavior when  it turns.

What is a bar for this song
Pains in this fruitless journey,
What is again that ll ever make me Strong
Which activity ll be that honey.
They I hope to forget about the lord
But maybe theft ll be the way
Then I need a multi for the fraud
That one of the best to be first in this clay.

I get a wisdom but for how long?
I want this end but when ll it be
Where on earth can I say I belong?
And in wealth,what can I see?.
If it time for the mader to be accuse
As I peep to the long in this naughty world.
Then in cold blood I ll do the abuse
For he made me suffer with all his words.

I walk a yard or more In the week
I try to be that happiness in a beam
Yet the mader sees me weak.

I know a love come but out of careless,
To foster and the ward,the love make me less,
Is this I think all after their do,
By all of their mastering I think a slave
I wonder what this are, so I peep who me to save.
Whole of whole of all it make their beating.

It came as an imagination out of reality
And the foster give no royalty
Of unknown edition they beat a bad function
On,of their slave whom they called ward.
And comes to be a rapid growth in the world,
What damnation what a cheat.

I know a day to come when this ll cease
Because my friend is suffering from this.
He was chase not to ve friend
And that come to hurt all including me
The world is bitter,salter than sea,
Man wield a sword and uneasy to bear.

Here is the man standing,
Who talk like poor Paul,
Then sing like bird,
I think that is one of his instinct
He write like an Angel
And stuff all mouth with happiness
The man Almighty, I think.

Who say answer that ve no questions.
And questions that answers never knew
Great and fit, great and fair (the man).
Thy action was loved by every body
But some excluded.

He speak with fully sagacity
And talk to every one in the city.
He talk about imaginery and loyalty
And everyone loves is lyrics
He serve and host
Every love his worst.
But one thing excluded and hot
He laugh like a ghost.

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