Sunday, April 14, 2019


This design cannot be of no doer
When I watch away and feel the sea
When I try in there for something to see
The mountains blocked me but there is a doer
The hill climb upon me
This is all and that is mine.

There is a builder for every house
And there is a maker of every blouse
I look,what I can choose.
But I know for certain
All this cannot Be of it own
We all have a builder of our home.

All nature ve a builder
Before the design crown
Thanks for the mader
Who make the hill,the field, the sea a renown.

Even with all inventions
There is something that is still marvel
The creation of man with all their functions.
And their instinct also to do what ll marvel.
The goods in their standard and structure.
And brain who knows pains and torture
Their knowledge to know all creature
And their sweet in woods to make furniture
They knows cutting and measure
Their brain unfillable with all types of culture.
They know difference between all culture
Whom other envy for their stature
The ability to read and write is sure
All their body in general  function
They ve the ability to repair wound and fracture
They made nice and dangerous with caution
Some even knows how to look future
They write and makes picture
In all their brain they knew what they feature
They made building to teach and to nurture
They are perfect in the creation
They are the most good in all creature
All this can't be of evolution
Their must be a designer who make it function.

Thinking of old memory
Which is think by no one
Or few,the first deceivery.
The memory of number one.
Wonder how if deceit were no made
That first miskake of that first lass
Who ll ever go round with cloth
Or put cover In the bare leg
But I think the fruit lead to this
Though we suffer,but put on a thing.

The lad mistake on put the now memory
Which is think by no one
Or maybe few, that is the world delivery
It brings technology and the best to on
Though bring ghastly dead
And some enjoy it and happy to their chance
The mistake clad us with cloth
The Lord thinks nice he may have some egg,
New egg,that ll give us new bliss
And the thing of a new thing.

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