Friday, March 15, 2019

The wild west

The morn of a glorious sun
Brought not into our feelings
Our fight not still done
And our west caught no loving.

The west is arid now
Whether other river still in love who knows
When other river drop here we bow
The scent of it river caught our know.

Ah!happy would I to see if grow,perhaps
My sorrow out,will jump if did
My sorrow cut,sword with,keen and sharp
And my joy facial know if read.

Deep in love I hope to see thee moving
And others talk of thee with ear moved
Happy would I if he may be this loving
And all it giants crushed.

Give us the freedom to tell in all ways
To chant it growing in all day
And in happiness we can walk the west clay
And shall sing it song with enemy 👇 down lay.
Ayk kellin

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