Friday, March 15, 2019

The hero of love

The hero of passion the hero of love,the hero of romantic and great admirable fill my head with Bliss, a passion able hero never stand without me ,I can't put it out, am a servant of love,oh greatly hero of time,counting hours of love,keep waiting till the arrival of love, oh hero of thinking,thinking nothing but the love never stand without it,hero if reason and season,the love stand without timing on my sake,hero of praying, praying for the protection of love,my love at stake no or yes ever loving you,oh admire hero of mind,saying I put you only on my mind and this resident Will never stop or say no to you, hero of fight fighting to protect saying it pays to suffer lovers grief, I love you, you are my strength to keep going where I want to, standing without me never be,hero of trust,I will always trust you,hero of truth,your word makes me happy,oh great hero of mine.

ayk kellin

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