Friday, March 29, 2019

Rapture peoms


My lord,whom is the father,
We've a harp for you,but no one ll play it,
Allow me not to dim,but a light,
Because there are many bad corn
Or maybe maize rather
So this song may uproot them

This song for me is to fill,
Then I'll leave the real maize
To grow big and fill
Then, the new song ll breeze.

Some people peep to the day
Where only good ll be
When we'll forget the old song
And all the word to say
And in the future garden we shall belong.
Your work lord no one ll do.
But in that day there ll be many
Our harp our string 'll be play with a song.

Something is meant for a disgrace to me
But a wing is given to me all time
A thing which desecrate
And indeed spoil a sacred broom.

All this get-to-getherness
Is something which pass,who dreamed it?.
That a song not poem will still be a food for love.
Then give us the real food.
that night ll one day come upon the morning
At what feelings is spare to speak.
That the chromatic ll be name love,who dreamed it?
That the casanova ll all be forgetten.

That is not a disgrace to me.
For I know all this filth ll be nothing but gone.
Then new affection ll run
That this,all the laughter,will be double up for some.
Unhide me rapture for its you I'll come.

There it is,a home to man,
Perhaps sometimes in the future
When a joy,for all mankind
Will be the reason for the rapture,

After the sword,after the mighty war of the one
Where we've a thing to dance to
And happiness we be born,
To be a man righteous tool.

Our love is for them ,
Those ll see in every day time,
And with love we make an happy realm,
Enjoyment fill with good time

Love is the real key to the camp
How much you love ll be your favor
The love is all our share,
Then show your love and and be a stamp

A son which is also the father
Have set down a dome for us
And a message to the world is spread lighter,
By him with no noble cause.

That dome is the refugee,
Which we'll all at last hide and dodge the life bad,
But not many people ll see it bridge
Those ll be in ever sad.

The builder can make me the witness,
Yes because the love will be it s key
And truthfulness the next
I know we shall all see.

Because a time is coming for the atheist
Where in wonder they would stand
And see the chief stone with is Glory dance,
Inside them they ll understand.

This temple is get like to a grave,
Where we'll go late or sooner
Then meet with the owner
Who in hand to us life and soul is gave.

Where our dead ll be release for us,
A sharp cry we gave which end mumbling,
Well,some people may still lose
And for the happy people great song ll ring,

All boot ll march to the home
To bid farewell to crisis which is agone,
This ended all wail and sudden boom
There, wild and tame meet and never run.

Soon or soonest we shall reach the shore,
Happy we to go to the temple,
A temple for the godliness call
Where at last we shall ve a wonderful apple.

A time is coming
When you'll shout a war cry with your lord,
This sky which made world beautiful ll be roll,
When your behavior we be your Savior,
When a sword ll be raise at the devil
That devil of a man of that mighty accuse,
When a book we speak in your favor
And a song of welcoming,
How be this.

A time bible ve spoken of
And the bad grave ll ve nothing to shout,
When the mighty son of man ll be in a crown,
And the wonderful film of life will be show.
For this very land will still be at edge,
Nothing we be good to say except the love,
So love made a way
And for the people in it that made no stay
Love is the topic of all judge,
So at end to bid oneself
Love your neighbour as your self.

I believe our school ll still be a good to be
This school were there is filth
Will still be a love song,
For I had a dream of many army
Whom flush this ongoing filth,

Where the trespass was catch
And others vanish to the space
Where the bad students was match
And other flash in unstop race,
Happy to view, but when is the day?

This cannot be war,I think
A war ll make many a ghost,
And all want this filth to
But who can be the host?
I think that ll be the time of GOD
That time when you ll attack your GOD,
But no one ll be in that invitation
Only the God lovers will save with sword.

the mightiness of a war
Of one amalgamated country
Is done in the beginning, to free it
And all think that is the end of all horror

But now, that is a fake dedication
Everything before the war is all down
And spoiled by the rearers
How down is this nation,
This adventure is not a fake telling,
Our world isn't a place of wild
We turn it thus
At the omega,the wicked get nothing,

We still remember the century,
Best of save to my people,
When with wild we loose honoured people,
All bitterness ll be gone when ll meet at the cemetery.
ayk kellin

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