Friday, March 29, 2019

Prayer poems

I answer for a hope and that should come,
Peace, happiness and that should come
I let a home for you, I ve been,I've been in a great hurry,I answer you in my Rome
There is a day,you know the painful journey, give me the Peace and all to fruitful.

Action comes once a week
And it you,and all of it it a weak,
It weaken my soul my heart and all
It gives my joy somehow to fall
You know joy is tasteless to my cow.
I want the peace, joy now.

My week journey is about to load
It is then a way give for a cold
It is then bad am blind fold
I believe all sorrow makes people know God,
You rear,forgive and take away the sword,
I ve to say no word,
It you my speech bring out glory to word.

I did a mistake to think I see a man
But perhaps God himself can be the man
All abuse to the creator can't do a best,
But I will try to all within my reach to rest
Because a bad is for no else.

I talk to one with this high
I look up to who make the sky
I ll try to bought myself great
Because a bad is for no else.

With my brain goodness I'll bring
And on people lips I'll ring
I ll be a philosophy for the wise
And I'll give them all matters arise
Because a bad is for no else.

Cloak me,you man ve become a beast to man,
Man ve wield a weapon upon their own self,upon there own earth,see man ve plan.

Cloak me don't let me be clobber
Man ve set a dangerous bar
To put a kill,in the fellow chamber,
Man ve be more sensitive than clitoris
Killing more man to win victories.

They give a name to there cult
Cloak me don't let me be cut,
This earth is a disaster itself,
All oath ve be broken to love,all naught.

Cloak me maker,you know you are the gear,
Man made war upon and it not easy to bear,
Man ve be so sensitive in their home with fear save us mankind,you rear.

But I wonder what is the tail end of this,
That dream with anxiety we await
And to all the we risk our bliss
Which fault find with us we date.
I continue in daze that race
Which with day failure I face
The mind unrest which the creator is aware
Then I ask in which day is the happiness ware.

I lay sleepy half a day with mind unrest,
I ll never accuse thee pillar
But let those best
Still talk of me in real like,afar.

Those I feel like a moon should to me come,
The month end I should fill it all,
And let in soul I should feel the glorious call,
And my pillar should answer me in my hall
If it didn't happen and I wait the year I may fall.

ayk kellin

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