Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Aliens are here

Who are the aliens,the first meaning of alien is a stranger or a new person in a place or an outsider who lives in another country, and this is the word they believes in.
So what do you think about this notion "Aliens are here?",I d like to see it in the comments box.
Who are the aliens people are talking about? What do they look like? Do they hate us? Do they ugly or not?,this questions ve be the enemy of human from the very first time the idea pop up.
The first alien I heard about was the one Hitler of Nazi Germany captured he made many weapon out of him,but I never know if it was true.
I firstly want to kill the idea of aliens existence in me but when i look back to my past I now believed they exist but not as the people talked about them.
When I was 3 or a year older,you can't expect me to remember,well,I do,I always saw a great sight just like an imagination but it's real for its repeat itself times without numbers, in the corner of the wall in our house,I saw something, when am older I think it's was all crazy but on a serious ponder I get something am in needed of.
Another beings land,walking,selling and chatting throughout the corner of the wall,motors moving and all,I stared at it but mummy use some rag cloth to cover this damn thing,but maybe this was a dream,but it appeared again to it many times,sometimes I saw there, people laughing and talking but to me all this was crazy and as from then I never saw this wall damn thing again to this time ,in that same house one female was kill by a road accident she haunted our house for seven days, many dwellers run away,but my mummy stay been a fearless fellow.
When am much older I heard the stories of aliens I half believed in it but to my stories I change my mind in believing.
There are many aliens world in this earth,aliens dwells in here,,they are unsee marketing all around,people chatting,laughing all,I sometimes heard this but I never see them,imagine you are walking and you discover an extra ordinary warmed
Place quickly reason that, this is the world of some world.
This thing is common in my place at a full mediation you ll only hear the voice, their most act is to market.
I always discovered this when everywhere is cold, when walking I may just come across a very warm place my system ll change ,many ve testify to this mostly prophet, imams, and others,an extra ordinary warmed place in some time cold area you can only hear their activity if only you are a mystic,but ve never see them before ,only voice.
Message me in the comments box if you ve any thing to say.

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