Friday, March 29, 2019

Prayer poems

I answer for a hope and that should come,
Peace, happiness and that should come
I let a home for you, I ve been,I've been in a great hurry,I answer you in my Rome
There is a day,you know the painful journey, give me the Peace and all to fruitful.

Action comes once a week
And it you,and all of it it a weak,
It weaken my soul my heart and all
It gives my joy somehow to fall
You know joy is tasteless to my cow.
I want the peace, joy now.

My week journey is about to load
It is then a way give for a cold
It is then bad am blind fold
I believe all sorrow makes people know God,
You rear,forgive and take away the sword,
I ve to say no word,
It you my speech bring out glory to word.

I did a mistake to think I see a man
But perhaps God himself can be the man
All abuse to the creator can't do a best,
But I will try to all within my reach to rest
Because a bad is for no else.

I talk to one with this high
I look up to who make the sky
I ll try to bought myself great
Because a bad is for no else.

With my brain goodness I'll bring
And on people lips I'll ring
I ll be a philosophy for the wise
And I'll give them all matters arise
Because a bad is for no else.

Cloak me,you man ve become a beast to man,
Man ve wield a weapon upon their own self,upon there own earth,see man ve plan.

Cloak me don't let me be clobber
Man ve set a dangerous bar
To put a kill,in the fellow chamber,
Man ve be more sensitive than clitoris
Killing more man to win victories.

They give a name to there cult
Cloak me don't let me be cut,
This earth is a disaster itself,
All oath ve be broken to love,all naught.

Cloak me maker,you know you are the gear,
Man made war upon and it not easy to bear,
Man ve be so sensitive in their home with fear save us mankind,you rear.

But I wonder what is the tail end of this,
That dream with anxiety we await
And to all the we risk our bliss
Which fault find with us we date.
I continue in daze that race
Which with day failure I face
The mind unrest which the creator is aware
Then I ask in which day is the happiness ware.

I lay sleepy half a day with mind unrest,
I ll never accuse thee pillar
But let those best
Still talk of me in real like,afar.

Those I feel like a moon should to me come,
The month end I should fill it all,
And let in soul I should feel the glorious call,
And my pillar should answer me in my hall
If it didn't happen and I wait the year I may fall.

ayk kellin

Rapture peoms


My lord,whom is the father,
We've a harp for you,but no one ll play it,
Allow me not to dim,but a light,
Because there are many bad corn
Or maybe maize rather
So this song may uproot them

This song for me is to fill,
Then I'll leave the real maize
To grow big and fill
Then, the new song ll breeze.

Some people peep to the day
Where only good ll be
When we'll forget the old song
And all the word to say
And in the future garden we shall belong.
Your work lord no one ll do.
But in that day there ll be many
Our harp our string 'll be play with a song.

Something is meant for a disgrace to me
But a wing is given to me all time
A thing which desecrate
And indeed spoil a sacred broom.

All this get-to-getherness
Is something which pass,who dreamed it?.
That a song not poem will still be a food for love.
Then give us the real food.
that night ll one day come upon the morning
At what feelings is spare to speak.
That the chromatic ll be name love,who dreamed it?
That the casanova ll all be forgetten.

That is not a disgrace to me.
For I know all this filth ll be nothing but gone.
Then new affection ll run
That this,all the laughter,will be double up for some.
Unhide me rapture for its you I'll come.

There it is,a home to man,
Perhaps sometimes in the future
When a joy,for all mankind
Will be the reason for the rapture,

After the sword,after the mighty war of the one
Where we've a thing to dance to
And happiness we be born,
To be a man righteous tool.

Our love is for them ,
Those ll see in every day time,
And with love we make an happy realm,
Enjoyment fill with good time

Love is the real key to the camp
How much you love ll be your favor
The love is all our share,
Then show your love and and be a stamp

A son which is also the father
Have set down a dome for us
And a message to the world is spread lighter,
By him with no noble cause.

That dome is the refugee,
Which we'll all at last hide and dodge the life bad,
But not many people ll see it bridge
Those ll be in ever sad.

The builder can make me the witness,
Yes because the love will be it s key
And truthfulness the next
I know we shall all see.

Because a time is coming for the atheist
Where in wonder they would stand
And see the chief stone with is Glory dance,
Inside them they ll understand.

This temple is get like to a grave,
Where we'll go late or sooner
Then meet with the owner
Who in hand to us life and soul is gave.

Where our dead ll be release for us,
A sharp cry we gave which end mumbling,
Well,some people may still lose
And for the happy people great song ll ring,

All boot ll march to the home
To bid farewell to crisis which is agone,
This ended all wail and sudden boom
There, wild and tame meet and never run.

Soon or soonest we shall reach the shore,
Happy we to go to the temple,
A temple for the godliness call
Where at last we shall ve a wonderful apple.

A time is coming
When you'll shout a war cry with your lord,
This sky which made world beautiful ll be roll,
When your behavior we be your Savior,
When a sword ll be raise at the devil
That devil of a man of that mighty accuse,
When a book we speak in your favor
And a song of welcoming,
How be this.

A time bible ve spoken of
And the bad grave ll ve nothing to shout,
When the mighty son of man ll be in a crown,
And the wonderful film of life will be show.
For this very land will still be at edge,
Nothing we be good to say except the love,
So love made a way
And for the people in it that made no stay
Love is the topic of all judge,
So at end to bid oneself
Love your neighbour as your self.

I believe our school ll still be a good to be
This school were there is filth
Will still be a love song,
For I had a dream of many army
Whom flush this ongoing filth,

Where the trespass was catch
And others vanish to the space
Where the bad students was match
And other flash in unstop race,
Happy to view, but when is the day?

This cannot be war,I think
A war ll make many a ghost,
And all want this filth to
But who can be the host?
I think that ll be the time of GOD
That time when you ll attack your GOD,
But no one ll be in that invitation
Only the God lovers will save with sword.

the mightiness of a war
Of one amalgamated country
Is done in the beginning, to free it
And all think that is the end of all horror

But now, that is a fake dedication
Everything before the war is all down
And spoiled by the rearers
How down is this nation,
This adventure is not a fake telling,
Our world isn't a place of wild
We turn it thus
At the omega,the wicked get nothing,

We still remember the century,
Best of save to my people,
When with wild we loose honoured people,
All bitterness ll be gone when ll meet at the cemetery.
ayk kellin

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Aliens are here

Who are the aliens,the first meaning of alien is a stranger or a new person in a place or an outsider who lives in another country, and this is the word they believes in.
So what do you think about this notion "Aliens are here?",I d like to see it in the comments box.
Who are the aliens people are talking about? What do they look like? Do they hate us? Do they ugly or not?,this questions ve be the enemy of human from the very first time the idea pop up.
The first alien I heard about was the one Hitler of Nazi Germany captured he made many weapon out of him,but I never know if it was true.
I firstly want to kill the idea of aliens existence in me but when i look back to my past I now believed they exist but not as the people talked about them.
When I was 3 or a year older,you can't expect me to remember,well,I do,I always saw a great sight just like an imagination but it's real for its repeat itself times without numbers, in the corner of the wall in our house,I saw something, when am older I think it's was all crazy but on a serious ponder I get something am in needed of.
Another beings land,walking,selling and chatting throughout the corner of the wall,motors moving and all,I stared at it but mummy use some rag cloth to cover this damn thing,but maybe this was a dream,but it appeared again to it many times,sometimes I saw there, people laughing and talking but to me all this was crazy and as from then I never saw this wall damn thing again to this time ,in that same house one female was kill by a road accident she haunted our house for seven days, many dwellers run away,but my mummy stay been a fearless fellow.
When am much older I heard the stories of aliens I half believed in it but to my stories I change my mind in believing.
There are many aliens world in this earth,aliens dwells in here,,they are unsee marketing all around,people chatting,laughing all,I sometimes heard this but I never see them,imagine you are walking and you discover an extra ordinary warmed
Place quickly reason that, this is the world of some world.
This thing is common in my place at a full mediation you ll only hear the voice, their most act is to market.
I always discovered this when everywhere is cold, when walking I may just come across a very warm place my system ll change ,many ve testify to this mostly prophet, imams, and others,an extra ordinary warmed place in some time cold area you can only hear their activity if only you are a mystic,but ve never see them before ,only voice.
Message me in the comments box if you ve any thing to say.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Ayk kellin dictionary

1.Ghostitude;Ghost sign or an act of wickedness and hate.
2.Ghostful;Full of ghostitude manner.
3.Vanufy;to make empty.
4.waterous;full of water.
5.Badous;full of badness.
6.missfy;to make or take something or someone wrong.
8.Exmanus;out of hand.
9.Unfortic;Not strong or a weak fellow.
10.Miscap;taking something wrong.
16.Refectory; Dining or eating.
17.Metis;An half cast.
18.Sportiff;Very fond of sports.
19.Renver;To knock down.
20.Pense;To think about something.
21.Bonsant;To be in good health.
23.Grave;To be serious.

The wild west

The morn of a glorious sun
Brought not into our feelings
Our fight not still done
And our west caught no loving.

The west is arid now
Whether other river still in love who knows
When other river drop here we bow
The scent of it river caught our know.

Ah!happy would I to see if grow,perhaps
My sorrow out,will jump if did
My sorrow cut,sword with,keen and sharp
And my joy facial know if read.

Deep in love I hope to see thee moving
And others talk of thee with ear moved
Happy would I if he may be this loving
And all it giants crushed.

Give us the freedom to tell in all ways
To chant it growing in all day
And in happiness we can walk the west clay
And shall sing it song with enemy 👇 down lay.
Ayk kellin

The hero of love

The hero of passion the hero of love,the hero of romantic and great admirable fill my head with Bliss, a passion able hero never stand without me ,I can't put it out, am a servant of love,oh greatly hero of time,counting hours of love,keep waiting till the arrival of love, oh hero of thinking,thinking nothing but the love never stand without it,hero if reason and season,the love stand without timing on my sake,hero of praying, praying for the protection of love,my love at stake no or yes ever loving you,oh admire hero of mind,saying I put you only on my mind and this resident Will never stop or say no to you, hero of fight fighting to protect saying it pays to suffer lovers grief, I love you, you are my strength to keep going where I want to, standing without me never be,hero of trust,I will always trust you,hero of truth,your word makes me happy,oh great hero of mine.

ayk kellin

Saturday, March 2, 2019

The struggle

Early in the morn long before dawn,
Makes the beginning of a new day struggle,
The early sweats races in the face,
With the silent panting jumping,
The day work beginning,it begins,
With all our complaint inside,
All our worries stay unsay,
Human begins their pain,
That walks the parts is a tent,
With unhope,doubt cointent,
But still that aim go there for never get,
In that early struggle in that dawn.

By Ayk kellin

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